As expected, Android is on top in the US… well, on top of the iPhone. This week, NPD group reported that Google’s Android OS captured 28% of the US smartphone market jumping past the iPhone OS to take second place. Well done Android! I knew you could do it! Android’s success can be attributed to strong carrier support (Verizon) and a multitude of handsets spanning pricing tiers. This is just the start as I’m sure Google’s got their sight set on RIM/BlackBerry who still has 36% market share. How long do you think it will take?

I have to believe that Apple felt a little sting from the NPD report. Even though Apple is printing money these days, losing market share for them is embarrassing considering their inflated egos. This week, articles resurfaced about the exclusivity deal between Apple and AT&T. If you haven’t seen it yet… you better sit down…the exclusivity was for 5 years which means the evil cult and service-deficient service provider are best buds until 2012. All I can think is, why? Apple had a huge opportunity in front of them and let it pass. Just think about how many Android handsets Verizon, T-mobile, and Sprint can get into the marketplace by then. Gregg wrote a great article this week with his analysis on Apple’s lost opportunity.

I want to end this week’s update with a video that provides a sneak-peek of the future. Imagine the possibilities if you could choose a phone based on its form factor, specs, etc… and then load the OS of your choice. Well, one developer started a project that demonstrates the future isn’t that far. He started work to get Android running on the iPhone and has successfully demoed limited functionality on the 3GS. I definitely encourage you to watch it and start dreaming of the future.

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