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Upgrading to the new MongoDB WiredTiger storage engine

For one of our customers we have a property search API backed by a mongo database using the original storage engine (MMAPv1) with almost 400k documents.  As the document count rose over time I kept horizontally scaling the Linux VM to the point where it was getting a...

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How To: Deal With a Missing Phone

You’ve checked your pockets, the car, retraced your steps twice - but it seems your phone is missing. Cue the panic that sets in once we realize our partner in crime is gone. It’s hard not to imagine some stranger holding your beloved, trying to gain access to your...

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Loss and Damage for Your Phone 101

Your phone is with you at all times, until one time, it’s not. That’s when you realize that you are never prepared for this to happen. Panic sets in. This is easily preventable - not losing your phone, but retaining control over finding it. There’s also ways to...

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Mobile Buy Guide: October 2015

We're on the cusp of the holiday season and as per usual, huge phone launches have occurred. We have complied a list of some of the latest and greatest phones from our two big powerhouses: Apple and Android. Below we go over some specs of each of the phones and how...

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